2002 Canada Trip

Friday, August 30


This travelogue isn't intended to be a work of art or provide any great insights on traveling around the Western United States and Canada. Its only purpose is to remind us of the highlights of the trip and to help us keep straight what we did each day. That should make it much easier to review our slides when we get home.

We got on I-15 at 10:30 AM, knowing it would be our "home" for nearly four days. We wouldn't be leaving I-15 until it ends at the Canadian border.

Friday was our short day, only 425 miles to Mesquite, Utah. We stayed at the Virgin River Resort in Mesquite. A cheap room and cheap food was too good to pass up. As it turned out, the food was pretty good, but they forgot to remove the 4 x 8 plywood sheet when they made up the bed. People are not supposed to bruise just from sleeping in a bed.

True to his nature, Gene fell right to sleep and not even the bed could bother him. For Carol, it was a tougher night. Guess who would be sleeping much of the next day?