2002 Canada Trip

Sunday, September 1


Sunday was our earliest day in hopes of arriving at Shelby, Montana in time to make a quick run to Glacier National Park for sunset. We were on the road at 7:30 and heading north. Sunday was an amazing drive through rolling hills of wheat fields, steep canyons around the Missouri River, and a magnificent green valley along the Beaverhead River. We saw groups fishing from skiffs on the rivers, cattle grazing on sage-covered hillsides, combine crews harvesting wheat before the approaching storm, and finally a curtain of rain as we neared Shelby.

And then it started raining...

It rained enough to get us wet as we moved our gear in the hotel, but it soon cleared off to a gorgeous evening. Unfortunately, it was too late to make the quick run to Glacier for sunset. We walked around the little town of Shelby and ate at Patti's Place. Patti should be ashamed of herself for putting her name on the restaurant. How can you mess up a hamburger and french fries?