Colorado Trip

Photo Notes

Telluride & Ouray
  • Save time to shoot along the San Miguel River in the valley leading up to Telluride. It seems like you can find the opportunities better as you drive toward Telluride.
  • Use the Illium Creek National Forest access road to shoot along the river near Ophir and the Matterhorn campground.
  • Aspen grove above the parking lot on CR5 is good place for shot of "lane" with aspens on each side. The other place for a similar shot is above the corral on the Last Dollar Road and before the pass.
  • Matterhorn was a great campground for shooting below Telluride. Save more time for this area. Wilson Mesa should be a good area.

Crested Butte
  • Crested Butte is higher and it appears the leaves turn there 7 - 14 days earlier than Dallas Divide. Start the trip in Crested Butte next time.
  • Onemile Campground is an excellent place to camp. Lakeview might be even better with its view over the lake. Lakeview is at 10,200 feet so may close earlier most years.
  • Climbing the trail above Cottonwood Pass opens up some great shots.
  • Walk down the road to the north of Kebler curve for additional shots. Good framing of peak to west and shots of dike to the north.
  • Ohio Creek Road is amazing. Might research some of the other back roads in this area. Long curve near the top of the pass is a good place for sunrise. High enough for shot of The Castle, but aspens forever in the foreground.
  • Try the back road that goes up into the Red Mountain mining area. May be Corkscrew Canyon.