Colorado Trip

RV Notes

All has gone well with the motorhome except for the mystery of why our battery keeps running down. The same thing happened while we were camping in Matterhorn, but we left before it could run all the way down. Today (9/24), the battery reading on the panel was down to Low and the propane alarm even went off. I think that is usually a sign that the batteries are dangerously low. We looked up the information in the owners manual, and it appears that the lights run on the 12 v system. We assumed that being plugged into electrical would also run the lights and, therefore, there would be no drain on the batteries. This appears to be incorrect.

Syl Farmer checked out electrical while we were at Mesa RV Resort in Gunnison. Found that the circuit breaker that controls the converter had to be reset. Without this circuit breaker working, the battery wasn't re-charging when we were plugged in. This is circuit breaker 7. Later, we found out that Carol had blown a circuit with the hair dryer and the GFI had shut down the circuit. She reset GFI breaker and the hair dryer worked again. Because this is same circuit as the converter, we had to also reset the breaker in the panel by the door.

Need to turn off all 120 VAC appliances when turning on or off generator.

When running on city water, NEITHER water pump should be  on.