2007 Utah Trip

Monday, May 7


Vacation Resurrected

We left Bryce Canyon intent on returning to San Diego. We were completely disgusted with the weather and the problems with the motorhome. As we left Bryce, Carol called Goblin State Park and cancelled the remaining reservations.

We drove about ten miles before Carol asked if we should try to continue our vacation instead of going home early. We didn't have to make a decision until we reached Highway 89, so we had about 20 minutes to talk about it. By the time we reached 89, we had decided to finish our vacation at Capitol Reef. The weather was warming up and the skies looked promising.

We reached Capitol Reef about 3:00 and headed straight for the campground. To our surprise, there were still campsites available in the old section of the campground. We got a great campsite at the bottom of the B Loop. We drove over to the picnic parking area, unhooked the Explorer, returned to our campsite and were set up in no time at all. And then it hit us. We were home. Capitol Reef has always been one of our favorite places and today was a beautiful sunny day that helped us forget how challenging the past five days had been. Even without hookups, it was perfect. We had the shade of the trees and a view of the canyon walls from our site. It was quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

Capitol Reef would save our vacation.