2010 Utah Trip

Saturday, October 2


Last night's foray into astrophotography wiped us out, and our plans to shoot sunrise in the Windows section of Arches were quickly forgotten. We finally rolled out of bed about 10:00. By that time the light was dead, so there was no point in trying to photograph. Instead, we just hung around camp and relaxed. We've been coming to this campground since the early 90's. The cottonwoods that were scraggly saplings when we first starting coming here are now 30 feet tall and providing welcome shade. Today, it's in the mid-90's, but in the shade of the cottonwoods, we don't even need air conditioning. Enjoying such a relaxing day makes it feel like a weekend camping trip instead of a major vacation.

At 4:00, we drove back up to Arches to shoot our favorite golden light places. We started with Park Avenue, which is always a favorite. Queen Nefertiti and Queen Victoria watch over Park Avenue from the ridge above.

We drove toward the Windows section, and started a "movement" as other cars stopped to shoot "our" sunset light on the formations in the distance. From there, it was a quick dash to Delicate Arch Viewpoint.Google Earth View We made it with about 20 minutes to spare before sunset. We normally do the 3-mile hike up to Delicate Arch to shoot the classic image of Delicate Arch in front of the La Sal Mountains. This year, we were looking up at the crowds at Delicate Arch from the valley below. It was like a circus with people everywhere trying to photograph Delicate Arch. I'm sure it was that crowded on previous trips when we had hiked out to Delicate Arch, but we had always gotten there very early to grab our favorite spots on the ridge. The view looking up at all these people was a bit comical.

Circus at Delicate Arch