Utah 2010 Trip

Sunday, October 17


All good trips have to come to an end. Today was the long drive home. We left right on time at 8:00 and made good time all the way home. Everything went very smoothly with the exception of our new GPS. It worked fine for the first couple hours and then just shut down. We tried everything, but it was done.

The drive home provided a good chance to decide what our favorite days were from the trip.

  • Our hikes to House on Fire and Falling Roof ruins were amazing. We reached these ruins only because we did the hikes before the rains hit. A few days later, the roads were impassible.
  • The clearing storm at Grand View in Canyonlands
  • Sunrise in Arches photographing the reflections in the potholes
  • Hiking Willis Creek

With all the rain, flooding, and road damage, our trip ended up being very different from what we planned, but it was still one of our best photographic trips. Traveling so late in the season often meant we had an area all to ourselves.

We got home at 5:30 PST. The trips are always fun. The cleanup after the trip isn't so much fun. By the time we got everything unpacked, we were too tired to go out for Chinese. We just crashed.