2013 Valley of Fire Trip

Wildlife Checklist


Species Location/Date
Desert Bighorn Sheep Piano Arch, Crazy Hill, Campground
Antelope Ground Squirrel Valley of Fire Campsite
Black-tailed Jackrabbits Valley of Fire Scenic Road
Cottontail Rabbit Valley of Fire Scenic Road
Rattle Snake Mouse's Tank
Deer Mouse Motorhome
Bats Hike to El Portal Arch, Little Mosquito Arch
Blacktail Deer Zion Valley, Zion campground
Chipmunk Petroglyph Canyon
Ground Squirrel Zion Canyon


Species Location/Date
Raven Campground
Sage Sparrow Valley of Fire Campsite
Swainson's Hawk Valley of Fire Campground
Red-tailed Hawk The Cabins Area
Owl Valley of Fire Campground
Turkeys Zion Canyon
Blue Jays Checkerboard Parking Lot
California Quail Valley of Fire Visitor Center