2014 Grand Canyon

Photo Notes

Sunrise Locations

Hopi Point, Powell Point, and Lipan Point. Try Powell Point to include The Battleship. Don't consider Mather Point for sunrise. The tour buses arrive just before sunrise.

Sunset Locations

Hopi Point and Powell Point. Pima Point does NOT work unless you want to shoot the sunset rather than the changin light on the canyon formations.

Our Favorite Locations

Moran Point is an outstanding place to shoot panoramas in morning golden light. There are no obstacles to shoooting almost 270 degrees.

Pipe Creek Vista is a lesser-known pullout on the East Rim Drive providing good views toward the formations seen from Lipan & Moran Point, but from a different direction. The side-on view seems to give them greater relief. The Kaibab limestone cliff on the right also provides good contrast to the darker formations below in afternoon light.