2017 Wyoming Trip

Photo Notes

Valley of Fire State Park

Area Around Arch Rock Campground

This is one of the best areas in the park to wander around during late afternoon. Note that the western ridge cuts sunset early, about 50 minutes. From "Goblin Condos" and south toward the highway is best. The area right around  Windstone Arch is target-rich. This is also a great area for shooting Desert Bighorn Sheep. We shot a big ram and a ewe on one day and the ram again a week later. The ram seems to cross the ridge back and forth between the Atlatl Campground and the gravel scenic road. There are also a myriad of possibilities for lighting caves or arches in this area for astrophotograhy. The ground is quite open and easy to walk, even in complete darkness. It's nearness to a main road is also a great advantage.