2022 Oregon Trip

Saturday, July 16

Neskowin Farmers Market

Today was another lost day with clouds throughout the day. It even rained last night. Ed, the guy who fixed our water leak and skylight yesterday, told us about the pizza at the Neskowin Farmers Market. We had nothing better to do so we drove north over the mountain ridge and then down into the valley near Proposal Rock to the tiny farmer's market nestled between the trees. There were only about 12 booths. I mean it was tiny. There was a large central tree that several families sat under to enjoy their lunch as they listened to the Foulweather String Band play some variation on bluegrass music. The whole place felt like something you'd find in the Appalachians. It felt a little like a glimpse back in time.


Neskowin Farmers Market Neskowin Farmers Market

We stopped at the outlet mall in Lincoln City on the way back to camp. They had Nike, North Face, Columbia, and Eddie Bauer. They were much better stocked with merchandise than the ones earlier in the trip, but we managed to escape relatively unscathed.

Since the weather wasn't going to clear up, we did laundry and cleaned up into the early evening. We broke away from camp to try to shoot Freedom Rock in Siletz Bay during golden light, but the trail we used to access our shooting spot in the past had deteriorated to the point we couldn't get down it without endangering our lives. We drove to the other side of the river to try to shoot the rocks lit by the setting sun, but we were a few minutes too late and ended up with nothing.