2002 Canada Trip

Friday, September 27


Today was our final day in Yellowstone. It was a little warmer this morning. It was almost above freezing when we got up.

We spent the morning photographing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone area. Although it was an overcast day, it was still obvious where Yellowstone got its name.

We returned to camp and packed everything up so we could get to the Best Western in West Yellowstone before it started snowing. We had to take the round-about route to West Yellowstone because the road was closed for construction between Norris and Madison. The good thing about the extra 100 miles was that we had another opportunity to photograph trumpeter swans. We found three swans swimming among Canadian Geese on the Yellowstone River. The lighting wasn't great, but the interaction between the geese and swans was wonderful.

We returned to Old Faithful, so Carol could get her T-shirt and checked on the timing of Old Faithful. Carol wanted to photograph it from a better angle. We checked out the Visitor Center and checked the predicted time but decided we didn't want to wait out in the cold wind. Just as we were driving out of the parking lot, Old Faithful erupted.

Yellowstone gave us a final good-bye as we were leaving the park. As we were driving along the Madison River, we noticed a line of cars parked on the road. It seems a herd of bison had taken over the highway on their way to a new feeding area. They walked right around our Explorer so we got an up close and personal look at them.

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The evening was all about hot showers and good food at Bullwinkle's. We needed to prepare to rejoin the human race.