2007 Utah Trip

Saturday, May 5


The Leak

We woke up to a campsite lightly frosted with snow. The first order of business was to run out and photograph the motorhome in the snow to prove what had happened. Then it was back inside to hustle back to the park in hopes of catching the snow frosting the hoodoos around Sunset Point. As we pulled away from the campground, it was 22 degrees. We both had at least five layers of clothes on. For a spring vacation, we were wearing an awful lot of winter clothes.

Bryce Campground

When we arrived at Sunset Point,Google Earth View we were disappointed that the snow was so negligible that it didn't even show in the pictures. At certain angles to the sun, it looked like there was something shiny white on the ground, but it didn't add anything to the pictures. Still the light was interesting, so we shot for about an hour. Carol froze after the first twenty minutes and returned to the car to warm up. She returned later and finished shooting just as I was finishing up. Lots and lots of images, but it's very unclear whether any of them will be anything special.

Bryce Canyon Bryce
Temple of Osiris & The Pope The Sentinel
Bryce Amphitheatre

After we returned from shooting, we had lunch, and I crashed for my afternoon nap. Although the weather was really cold and our planned trip was unrecognizable, things were still going OK. That would soon change.

When I woke up, Carol informed me that she had spent her time cleaning up the water that had leaked into the basement compartments on the passenger side. I went out and pulled everything out of the remaining compartments and starting drying equipment off: barbecue chimney, barbecue, stove, shovel, etc. etc. etc. Carol continued drying out the compartments to at least get the worst of the dampness out. Remember, it's below freezing while we're doing this.

Fairyland WhodoosAfter examining the area, we concluded that we had a leak in the trap for the shower drain. We could see where the trap had pulled apart from the vertical drain pipe, which caused the leak. Although, we had the heat on all night and the furnace is right over the area that leaked, we are wondering whether the drain pipe froze overnight and that caused the leak. Whatever the cause, we had a huge headache.

We dried everything off as best we could, and I moved as much equipment as possible to the compartments on the other side of the motorhome. As cold and damp as it was, nothing was going to dry very fast. The less stuff returned to the leaky compartments, the better.

The sun started to peak through, so we decided to return to the canyon and try shooting along the Fairyland Trail.Google Earth View This is the closest area to the campground and an area we haven't tried on this trip. Although the lighting wasn't great, it was fun shooting the little cupolas scattered around the area. They look like stone chess pieces.