2007 Utah Trip

Sunday, May 6



That's right. We did nothing today. After discovering the plumbing leak, we made the decision to cut our loses and return to San Diego a week early. The combination of the crumby weather and now the major plumbing leak was too much. We woke up to an completely overcast sky and started packing everything up to head for San Diego. We ran the checklist and got all the motorhome items completed. The last item was the EvenBrake for the Explorer. We hooked it up just like every other time, but this time it wouldn't work. We could get as far as preparing to run the braking test, but we would always get an error message as soon as we hooked up the motorhome monitor. It said, "Stop ASAP" and told us to call tech support. Guess what? No tech support on Sundays.

After trying the installation another ten times or so, we gave up, unhooked the Explorer, and reconnected the shore lines to the motorhome. We walked over to the campground office and extended our stay yet another day.

The rest of the day was spent in the motorhome reading, doing Suduko, and complaining. This would make two vacations in-a-row that were cut short. First Yellowstone because of fires and this time because of weather and the motorhome leak. We were on a bad roll!