Utah 2010 Trip

Saturday, September 25


497 miles. The first day is always the toughest. We left right on schedule at 8:00 this morning and arrived in Williams, AZ at 5:30. For 8 hours, it was Janet and I. Carol was in Slumberland, and I was left with Janet Evanovich and her latest Stephanie Plum book.

When we pulled into the Grand Canyon Railroad RV Park, we discovered they had no pull-through sites left. Traveling this late in the season, we didn't even consider the need for reservations. We guessed wrong. We found another campground close by that needed the business, but it's a far cry from the Grand Canyon Railroad Campground.

The biggest change for this trip was our purchase of a GPS for the motorhome and Explorer. I spent hours setting up the POIs (Points of Interest) and designing the daily routes using my Topo!, and Streets and Trips software. When we left home, the GPS was working perfectly. It showed us the highway signs for major interchanges and always reminded us of lane changes. We were impressed...for the first hour. Then, it inexplicably quit. I had read reviews of our Garmin GPS where people experienced the same issue and had to return the GPS to Garmin for replacement.

After setting up the motorhome and unpacking the Explorer, I pulled out my laptop and the GPS. It appears, we may have had a problem with the cigarette lighter connection for the GPS. As soon as I connected the GPS to a regular electrical receptacle, it worked fine. Tomorrow, we'll find out if we really have it solved. I'm pretty sure the electrical outlet near the passenger seat runs off our inverter, so the GPS should work as long as it's plugged in there. We'll see.