2016 Morro Bay Trip

June 12 - 13


Carol and I celebrated 20 years together with a trip to Morro Bay. And they have been a great 20 years. The years have flown by as we've traveled all over the West, watched the kids grow up and get married, and shared the everyday moments that make up most of life.

We drove the motorhome and camped at Morro Bay State Park from Sunday until Friday. Photography wasn't the main emphasis of this trip. It was much more about relaxing, playing tourist, and eating lots of good food. We definitely succeeded at eating lots of good food.


On Monday, we drove up to Cambria, a small town north of Morro Bay, and walked around the tourist shops. Then, we continued north to the Piedras Biancas Elephant Seal Rookery. The beach was covered with giant sausages mostly content to lie in the sun and flip sand on themselves occasionally. When the elephant seals decide to move, they kind of ooze across the sand as the blubber undulates when they move. They can't move far without exhausting themselves, but it's fascinating to watch them when they enter or leave the water.

When we returned to Morro Bay, we stopped at Giovanni's for fish and chips. We had planned to make dinner in camp, but decided we couldn't pass up Giovanni's. It was a good choice. That's "lots of good food" #1.