2021 Death Valley Trip

Thursday, March 18

Today was mostly chaos. We normally get all our preparations done several days in advance of a trip and then just relax the last couple of days before we leave. This trip didn't work out that way. It all started when we took our motorhome home in for it's pre-trip maintenance appointment. Everything went well, and they called to tell us we could come and pick up the motorhome. Just as we were ready to back out of the garage, the phone rang. One of the technicians had sheared off our rear-view mirror when he moved a dump truck. Ordering the part from Alabama, installing the new part, and then taking the motorhome to another shop to get our front end aligned meant that we lost an entire week of preparations. That took us from "every thing's cool and we're ready to go" to chaos and "How are we going to get everything done?" And just to make sure to make today more interesting, I had an appointment in the morning to meet my new doctor. That meant we didn't leave until after 3:00 and we hit traffic in Escondido, which delayed us so we hit traffic in Temecula and then more traffic in San Bernadino. Instead of arriving at 5:30 long before dark, we arrived at the Barstow/Calico KOA in pitch black.  The KOA is in the middle of the desert with almost nothing around it and down a long, narrow, frontage road.  The woman at the campground was very gracious and made sure we got to our campsite without hitting anything,  but it was a very long day!  

After we got the motorhome set up, we finally had a chance to relax for the first time in the day. We were too tired to care about dinner, so we made sandwiches and called it a day. Tomorrow has to be better.