2021 Death Valley Trip

Friday, March 19

Today got off to a very good start. We broke up our drive to Death Valley because we needed to make reservations for our fall trip to Oregon at 7:00 this morning. If we had waited and done them from home, we would have had a 7-hour drive to Death Valley. We got up at 6:30, got our computers all set up, and at 7:00 we got our first choice for campsites at Trillium Lake. This is one of our favorite photographic locations in Oregon, and also one of the more difficult campgrounds to get into. Trillium Lake with Mount Hood towering over it in the distance is a fabulous sunrise shot. Last time we were there, we also discovered two bald eagle nesting areas right beside the lake. We'll have four days to get the perfect shot and to explore Lost Lake and the orchards around Mt. Hood.

We went back to bed, made a leisurely breakfast, and left camp at 11:00. We had a wonderfully uneventful drive to Death Valley. High clouds covered the area with the sun peaking through periodically. But even with the clouds, it was 94 degrees.

The most obvious realization in our first two days is that we've forgotten how to do many of our most basic camping and traveling routines. We've looked like a couple of real rookies a couple of times so far, and it's been embarrassing. Hopefully, we'll get back into the routine in the next couple of days.