2021 Death Valley Trip

Tuesday, March 30

The winds had mostly died down by the time we got up this morning, but it's going to be another hot day. We leisurely packed everything up and started the 100-mile drive to Lone Pine. We had driven parts of this route on two other trips, but one was with the pop-up trailer and the other was in a car. I won't make the mistake of driving this route with the motorhome towing the Explorer again. We had to cross two passes with deep valleys between. Twice, we had ascents or descents of 9%, and the road was extremely narrow any time the highway crossed the ridges. It turned out to be a much harder drive than I anticipated.

We have a nice shady campsite at Boulder Creek RV Resort for the next three days. It's sunny and cool with a forecast of good weather throughout our stay. We're both ready to be out of the heat and wind. We have full hookups here, so we can watch movies at night, run the microwave, and use all the lights we want. AND, they have good ice cream bars at the store!