2022 Oregon Trip

Thursday, July 7

Cannon Beach

It may be time to admit that this is a camping trip and not a photography trip. We're taking a few images here and there, but they're snapshots that we wouldn't ordinarily even bother to shoot.

Clouds covered the sky today, so we drove to Cannon Beach and walked around town. The high point was the Cannon Beach Bakery. We sat out front, ate our pastries, and enjoyed watching the families walking by.

We drove up to Ecola State Beach for the classic view looking south toward Haystack Rock. By afternoon, the skies were bright with high clouds covering most of the area. Later in the afternoon, the clouds thinned briefly and we even had blue skies over Cannon Beach for a few minutes. By the time we walked over to photograph the Tillamook Lighthouse (Terrible Tilly), the clouds had returned and we settled for a snapshot. Tilly has a very colorful history.

View from Ecola State Park Tilly
View from Ecola State Park Tillamook Lighthouse (Tilly)

We continued north on Highway 101 to Seaside so we could buy propane refills for our barbecue. It's a bad day when Ace Hardware is the main focus of your afternoon.