2022 Oregon Trip

Thursday, July 14

Travel Day to Lincoln City

It was a beautiful, but slow drive from Nehalem to Lincoln City. It was only 75 miles, but the road wound around the hills and was very uneven.

We're staying in our usual campsite at the Premiere RV Resort in Lincoln City. It's easy in and out, and in the past we watched the July 4th fireworks from our campsite. We got all set up, and then Carol called someone to check out our water leak. Ed said he could come out later in the afternoon to check out our problem. Ed was as mystified as we were, but in the course of trying to find the source of the leak, he discovered we had a skylight with a hole and a crack in it. It was unrelated to the wet spot on our carpet, but he did find an issue that needed to be addressed. Ed said he would come back tomorrow to fix the skylight and to continue looking for the leak. Shortly after he left, I was cleaning up, and I found a wet carpet "decoration" near the bathroom cabinetry. I took everything out of the bathroom cabinet and found a water line that feeds the toilet that passed the wet carpet block. The water line connection was our problem.

Boiler Bay Whales

It was still two hours before sunset, so we drove to Boiler Bay to shoot golden light on the sandstone rocks. As we were walking along the bay cliff, we heard the unmistakable sound of a whale surfacing. It took a couple of minutes for the whale to move away from the cliff, but then we had a good view as it leisurely swam around the bay near us. It would surface and then float on the surface before it submerged briefly and repeated the cycle. It seemed to enjoy showing off, and then a second whale joined the game. We had a front-row view without having to go out on a whale-watching boat.

Boiler Bay Gray Whale

As we continued south, I missed the turn for Whale Cove and we ended up on Otter Crest Road. We stopped at the Cape Foulweather gift shop, but the trees had grown up and blocked our favorite view of the cove far below. As we looked north from the parking lot, we saw Yaquina Lighthouse in the distance. The sun was dropping fast, but we wanted to get a long shot of the lighthouse from the north before sunset.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

We joined several "colorful" groups at the Moolach Beach Parking Area to shoot Yaquina Head Lighthouse to the south and the sunset to the west. Even with a 400 mm zoom, it was a long shot to the lighthouse, but I wanted this shot to add to the close-up shots we had from other trips. We didn't get anything special, but it was interesting to watch the fog slowly fill the bay in front of the lighthouse. The sunset was a complete bust. It played its favorite disappearing act as it dropped into the fog bank sitting just off the coast.

Yaquina Lighthouse