2002 Canada Trip

Sunday, September 15


We got up hoping to drive back up to Cavell Lake to shoot the reflections of Mt. Edith Cavell in the turquoise waters of the lake. We missed the opportunity yesterday because we were there too late in the morning. The negative was that we had to drive up the nightmare of a road that leads to Mt. Edith Cavell. We drove the twenty miles up to the lake only to discover there was no chance of getting any worthwhile photographs. That meant driving back down the same road. The final result of two trips up and down the road was a new rattle from the left front of the Explorer. It finally shook something loose besides our insides.

We once again drove south on the Icefield Parkway. Our picnic lunch was at Buck Lake. It was a very short hike from the parking lot to a lovely lake surrounded by pine trees and towering peaks. From Buck Lake, we took the short cut-off trail to Honeymoon Lake. At least we discovered it was Honeymoon Lake later in the afternoon when we drove to the Honeymoon Lake Campground. We somehow missed the turn to the Osprey Lake, our original goal.

Our final stop of the afternoon was to check out the Fairmont Jasper Lodge, the Jasper resort for the rich and famous. After the Fairmont Lake Louise Chateau, the Fairmont Jasper Lodge pales in comparison.

We returned to Honeymoon Lake to photograph sunset. As we got out of the car, we saw Byron and Heidi from our Beauty Creek hike. They were camping in the campground, along with about fifty German families. Someone had a canoe that they allowed anyone with the interest to use to paddle around the lake. It made for some very difficult sunset shots because people were paddling through the shots in such low light, but it was a very peaceful, tranquil way to end the day.

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Buck Lake Buck Lake Honeymoon Lake
Buck Lake Buck Lake Honeymoon Lake