2002 Canada Trip

Monday, September 16


Our plan was to leave Jasper and return to Banff. We wanted one more opportunity to get a got shot at Moraine Lake. When we woke up, the sky was cloudy but had patches of blue. By the time we were packed up and leaving Jasper, the sky was nearly all gray. By the time we reached Lake Louise (near Moraine Lake), there was no hope that we would have good weather the next day at Moraine Lake.

We just kept driving to Calgary to cut some of the driving out of our next day's trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. We managed to find the route that skirted the center of Calgary this time and settled in at the Best Western. We immediately set up the computer and got online to check the weather for the remainder of our trip in Montana and Wyoming...nothing but rain and clouds everywhere. We tried every potential new location for the remainder of the week and found no good alternatives.

As a compromise, we decided to spend another night in Calgary and explore the city during the day. We relaxed, watched TV, and Carol caught up on her Spider Solitaire on the computer.

Today's Photo Gallery

Peak Brussels Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca River Mt. Brussels Athabasca Glacier
Bighorn Sheep Athabasca Glacier Athabasca Icefield
Bighorn Sheep Athabasca Glacier Athabasca Glacier