2002 Canada Trip

Tuesday, September 17


We awoke to a slate gray sky over Calgary, but it wasn't raining. We again checked the Internet for weather forecasts, but the news wasn't any better. The web cams at Glacier showed nothing but clouds right down on Lake McDonald. Staying in Calgary another day sounded better all the time.

As we left the hotel for lunch, we heard this terrible screeching sound from the front wheel. That's a front wheel that I had spent over $300 on for new brakes before we left on the trip. After lunch, we found a tire dealer and had them check the wheel and brake. We ended up spending another $300 to get the brakes redone.

Our exploring Calgary was soon limited to spending a couple of hours at a mall while the Explorer was being fixed.

Our evening was Chinese food at the Ginger Beef restaurant, watching TV, and getting ready to return to the U.S.