2002 Canada Trip

Wednesday, September 18


Next stop Glacier National Park. After buying food, we were on our way to Glacier National Park and our return to the U. S. It was only about 200 km, so it was a relatively short drive. We arrived at the St. Marys Campground and set up the tent trailer. It was starting to get breezy, so we chose a site protected by a ridge and lots of aspens. Our first surprise was that the battery had not been fully charged during our 18 days. Nothing to fear. We have a backup battery. Unfortunately, it wasn't fully charged either. It barely had enough power to run the lights and would not run the heater.

As we prepared dinner, the wind continued to get stronger. By 8:00, the temperature was dropping and the wind was howling and shaking the tent trailer. This was the signal for Gene to get into the nice warm sleeping bag. Carol, on the other hand, decided to read by the light of her headlamp with her four layers of clothes and gloves. Six batteries later and having had no luck in getting the heater to work, Carol also decided to go to bed. By this time, Gene had been asleep for three or four hours and had the sleeping bags nice and warm.

The wind howled all night. It was so bad that Carol asked how much wind would be needed to tip over the trailer. From the weather report, we speculated that the wind gusts were at least 60 miles per hour. It was a L-O-N-G night!!!!!