2021 Death Valley Trip

Wednesday, March 24

It was still breezy this morning, but the temperature was perfect and the clouds continued to dissipate during the morning. By afternoon, the winds were gone, and it was a beautiful day. It looked very promising for photographing the sand dunes after they've been swept clean by the winds. All the tracks from the weekend visitors should be gone, and the area should be much less-crowded.

Rather than crossing five ridges to reach the area we wanted to photograph, we parked up the highway from the dunes and hiked in from the west side. That meant we could hike in the first 1/2 mile on flat ground and then climb the dunes edge-on to reach our favorite area. It all looked promising...until the clouds started filling the western sky and blocking out the sun. We did a lot of waiting and very little shooting.

Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes