2022 Oregon Trip

Tuesday, July 5

On to the Coast

We've finished the mountain part of the trip, and we've finished the family visit part of the trip. Today, we're starting Part 3 of the trip: the Oregon Coast. We've been on the road for 32 days, and we have about 6 weeks left.

We woke up to drizzle and completely overcast skies. Today was only a short hop and check-in at Nehalem State Beach Campground wasn't until 4:00. We did some last-minute grocery shopping and pulled out of our campsite at 11:58. We cut it much closer to our noon deadline than we planned.

It rained on-and-off almost all of the way to Cannon Beach. But as soon as we started south on Highway 101, the rain stopped, and it was dry the rest of the day. Although we only had a little over 100 miles to drive today, it was relatively slow going over the mountains and took nearly 3 hours.

We set up camp at Nehalem Bay State Park Campground and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. We're finally back in our camping groove, and our motorhome routine is getting much faster again.

After our dinner of honey crispy chicken, we walked down to the beach and shot a few photos as low tide approached. With the heavy clouds, we had no hope of getting a Milky Way shot tonight. It was one of the best potential locations of the trip, but once again the weather prevented it from happening. This would become an ongoig theme throughout the rest of the trip. Because of all the weather issues, we discussed cutting the trip short and returning home from Portland. As sit turned out, that would have been the better choice.

Nehalem Beach